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12 Significant Symptoms of Essure Migration

A multitude of negative side effects have surfaced as a result of Essure. Over 16,000 complaints were filed with the FDA against the birth control method, and there have also been deaths associated with Essure.

Evidence has arisen that the clinical trials may have been falsified, or incorrectly reported (i.e. significant side effects were not reported even when over 30% of patients in the trial suffered).

The procedure is delicate, and complicated; the correct placement is key, and many doctors aren’t properly trained in placing Essure - and most definitely not in dealing with cases of complication. One such complication is Essure migration.

Essure migration is an occurrence when the implant moves in the fallopian tube - sometimes causing perforation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, or causing damage to internal organs.

What are the symptoms of Essure migration and what can you do about it? Find out about the 12 significant symptoms of Essure migration that women have reported.

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Not all women will experience all of these side effects, but it may be serious if you experience any of these symptoms.

As many patients have testified, many doctors do not take these problems seriously, and many women have had issues getting medical professionals to take them seriously. Essure migration has resulted in many women having to undergo the knife - having to have complete hysterectomies - or if not taken seriously, women have reported persistent negative symptoms for months and even years.

Essure coils can move because the doctor didn’t insert the coil far enough into the fallopian tube, or if s/he inserted it too far into the tube. When it’s not inserted far enough, the coils are often expelled into the uterus - causing heavier periods and cramping. When inserted too far into the tube, that’s when the coils can cause perforation, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage of that pregnancy, puncturing the amniotic sac, and a number of other issues.

Often insurance doesn’t cover the removal of the coils, which can cost $7,500 or more. Device migration can result in unwanted pregnancy too, and/or require full hysterectomy.

1. Extreme pelvic pain

One of the most common complaints after implanting Essure is extreme pelvic pain from migration into the uterus, and/or punctures to organs and the fallopian tubes. Perforations in the fallopian tubes can affect the ovaries and surrounding organs - to deleterious affect.

Some women have reported that the pain was so severe that they couldn’t get out of bed, or have had to stay on heavy painkillers, affecting their daily lives, their exercise routines, their careers, and more.

One woman reported pain from her Essure device moving in her uterus; another reported that one device had punched through her fallopian tube, and the other coil was laying internally on her vagina. Further women too have reported problems from the device affecting surrounding organs, and another reporting sharp pelvic pain from the device scraping her stomach when it had perforated her intestine.  

2. Aching joints

A second common complaint is aching joints or a feeling that many women have described as feeling like a pinched nerve. Aching hips and backs are common experiences, and have affected sleep and livelihood of many women.

3. Twinges at the implant sites

A third symptom has been twinges at the implant site. One woman reported that it hurt every time she bent over and had to stop exercising (yoga and zumba) as a result - other patients have felt similar effects too.  

4. Bleeding after intercourse / painful intercourse

Another symptom reported is painful intercourse, and a general lack of libido.

5. Memory lapses / dizziness

Dizziness has been reported in 5% of women in trials. Many forums discuss brain fog, memory lapses, or feel like they have brain resets.

6. Abnormal fatigue

Many women have reported abnormal fatigue, the inability to participate in everyday activities and live normal lives after having Essure implanted.


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7. Severe bloating

Several women noted that they experienced heavy bloating after Essure - some reporting that they looked pregnant.

8. Heavy periods / prolonged period / no periods

Another very common complaint is women suffering from heavy periods, prolonged periods, or no periods at all - some women had to have blood transfusions because they did not stop bleeding. Other noted their periods were debilitating. Staggeringly, even in trials, 38% of women experienced heavy periods afterwards, yet the data wasn’t published.

9. Migraines

A ninth common symptom of Essure migration is vertigo as a result of severe migraines, and migraines were reported again and again.

10. IBS 

Some women noted that their bowel habits had been affected as a result of Essure. Some women also developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS for short. Many reported pain when using the bathroom, and again bloating as a result of altered digestive tracts.

11. Frequent urination

A further symptom reported is frequent urination with other women noting symptoms as severe as blood in the urine.

12. Weight Gain

A final common symptom was weight gain. Many women have reported gaining 30 to 60 lbs or more. Some women have felt embarrassed as a result of their weight gain, unable to leave home. 

These twelve aren’t a comprehensive list of all symptoms experienced, but just a few of the most severe. Check with your doctor if you believe you’re having complications because of Essure.

To file a lawsuit against Bayer, your case will only be eligible if the metal coils migrated or perforated organs and then caused you to have a complete hysterectomy. Patients were not warned about these serious damages before they had their Essure procedure. Speaking to an Essure lawyer will be able to help you determine if you have a case.

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