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What We Can Learn From Making a Murderer

Making_A_Murderer.jpgWhen the docudrama, Making a Murderer, hit Netflix on December 18, it was an instant hit. The show was filmed over ten years and sheds light on some of the shortcomings of the American justice system. Specifically, it outlines how the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin justice system failed one of its local citizens, Steven Avery. Unfortunately, like many criminal cases, there are a number of questions that remain unanswered.

In a recent interview published on Yahoo News, it was explained that there is significant evidence in this case that we (the viewers) were not aware of. Many of the individuals who were involved maintain that the evidence falsely depicts Mr. Avery as innocent. Here is the evidence that, according to the article, was not included in the documentary:

  • There was more DNA found in the car. In addition to the blood that we know was smeared on the vehicle's interior, there was sweat found under the hood of the car, which was determined to belong to Steven Avery.
  • Suspicious items, including arm and leg restraints, were found at the Avery home, which were not included in the documentary.
  • Viewers were informed that a bullet with the victim's DNA was found in Avery's garage. What was not explained is that the bullet had been confiscated by police in November 2005. The possibility of it having been planted prior to being "confiscated" is pretty strong.

Regardless of the evidence that was used in this case, the key point that is being made by these filmmakers is that there are holes in the American justice system that are simply not acceptable. It's such a travesty that the public has watched this film and reacted in sheer outrage.

There are currently petitions requesting a presidential pardon for Mr. Avery. On, one petition has garnered over 100,000 signatures. Another 18,000 names can be found on the petition posted at The hacktivist organization, Anonymous, has even committed itself to proving Mr. Avery's innocence. Clearly, these criminal justice shortcomings are something that our citizens feel very strongly about.

The team at Coxwell & Associates also feels very strongly about protecting the freedom of innocent citizens. Our criminal justice system exists for a reason, and it is certainly a necessary part of our society. However, there is no question that flaws exist. Having erroneous charges brought against you for a crime that you did not commit is something that can change your life forever. It's not something that we, as a society, should simply overlook.

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