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Do I Have To Pay For My Essure Removal If It Injured Me?

Thousands of women in the US have chosen Essure as their permanent birth control solution. As Essure has been marketed by Bayer as a safe and effective non-surgical procedure, many women believed Essure was the best choice. However, reports reveal that hundreds of Essure users have experienced painful side effects: headaches, chronic pain, organ perforation and even death.

Surgeons working on a female patient in an operating theater

In some cases, women have become pregnant, despite the fact Essure was supposed to be a permanent solution for birth control.

Due to the serious and painful side effects many women are now looking to get Essure removal. However, one of the main problems is Essure was designed to be a permanent solution. Once the metal coils are placed into the fallopian tubes, they are difficult to remove. Bayer reiterates that it is a permanent form of birth control and should only be used by women who are certain they want to prevent any future pregnancies. So, what options are there for women who want to get Essure removed?

Surgical removal

The only way to remove the metal coils is to have surgery. A specially trained surgeon can remove the coils from the tubes and reverse the effects of Essure. Removing Essure is complex and requires a surgeon who has experience removing it.

Depending on the damage caused by the Essure implant, some women have required a hysterectomy. There have been cases where the coils have perforated the tubes and caused internal damage. As each Essure case is different, you will have to talk to your doctor to determine what options are available for you.

Do I have to pay for my Essure removal?

Yes. In most cases, you will have to pay to have Essure removed. Many health insurance companies will not pay to have Essure removed, even if you are suffering from chronic side effects. Some surgeons who are offering to remove the device are asking for over $7,000 to do the surgery.

What to do next

As Essure was promised to be a safe permanent form of birth control, it is unfair that you have to pay for the procedure to be reversed, especially if you have been suffering chronic and life-threatening injuries. For some women, their lives have been significantly changed by Essure; their everyday life has been negatively affected.

If you want to get Essure removed, you should first contact your health insurance company and see what options are available to you. Depending on your circumstances they may offer to pay for some of your Essure removal.

If you have spoken to your insurance company and they are unable to pay for your surgery, then you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney. You may be able to claim compensation to have Essure removed.

Despite reports questioning the safety of Essure, Bayer continued to promote Essure as a safe and pain-free choice. But the stats show that many women have suffered from adverse side effects. Rather than recall Essure from the market, Bayer has chosen its own interests rather than the health and wellbeing of their customers. They have acted negligently. With the help from an experienced attorney, you may be able to claim compensation for the damages you’ve suffered as a result of having Essure and receive compensation to pay for your Essure removal.

Coxwell & Associates, PLLC, helping women who have been injured by Essure

Based in Mississippi, we’re an experienced team of personal injury attorneys who have been helping Mississippians for over 35 years. We’re helping women who are suffering as a result of Essure, we can help you claim compensation for your injuries and most importantly, protect other women from using Essure.

If you have suffered serious side effects of Essure and/or had to have a hysterectomy as a result of Essure, then you could be eligible to claim compensation. We offer free case consultations, speak to our team to find out your eligibility.

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