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5 Insurance Company Tactics That Could Cost YOU MONEY

By Coxwell Law August 29, 2017

After being inundated with insurance commercials over the past few years, perhaps you, like many..

Five Reasons Why You Want an Attorney to Negotiate for You

By Coxwell Law August 21, 2017

Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes feel like watching paint dry while balanced on a..

Been in a Car Accident? How to File an Auto Insurance Claim Against Someone

By Coxwell Law August 18, 2017

Have you just been in a car accident and need to know how to file a claim against the at-fault..

Pearl River Drug Trafficking Arrests Highlight Severity of Drug Trafficking in Mississippi

By Coxwell Law August 17, 2017

After a two-year drug investigation conducted by multi drug agencies, five members of an alleged..

How a DUI Can Affect Your Life

By Coxwell Law August 9, 2017

Being charged with a DUI in the U.S. puts you in the category of being charged with the number..

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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents? Everything You Need to Know

By Coxwell Law August 8, 2017

Car accidents have far reaching effects - not just physically but mentally as well - and once..

Overcoming a Traumatic Brain Injury Could Be Costly

By Coxwell Law July 28, 2017

Nearly a third of all injury-related deaths in the United States are due to a traumatic brain..

What is Distracted Driving? The Mississippi Laws

By Coxwell Law July 19, 2017

Distracted driving accounts for 9 deaths and 1,000 injuries each day in the U.S. and is an ever..

What Are The Mississippi Helmet Laws?

By Coxwell Law July 18, 2017

What are the Mississippi helmet laws? Interestingly, Mississippi has no law requiring cyclists..