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Is There a Time Limit for Car Insurance Claims?

By Coxwell Law October 19, 2017

You’ve been in a car accident and you’ve been dreading the call. You know the one where you have..

Insurance Claim Rejected? Here’s What You Should Do Next.

By Coxwell Law October 9, 2017

Car insurance claims get rejected for many reasons including incorrect information, paperwork..

What Do You Need to File a Car Insurance Claim?

By Coxwell Law October 3, 2017

A car is cruising down the highway at top speed and the driver swerves to miss a rubber tire..

Lawyer Advice: How to Settle a Claim with Auto Insurance Company

By Coxwell Law October 2, 2017

Insurance companies may seem like they are out to help you, but they want to make a profit just..

What Are the Consequences of Distracted Driving?

By Coxwell Law October 2, 2017

When you’re talking on speaker phone to catch up with your grandparents, applying makeup in the..

9 Things You Should Never Say to Your Insurance Company After an Accident

By Coxwell Law September 21, 2017

The aftermath of an automobile accident can be scary and disorienting. Before dealing with..

I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver with No Insurance. What Are My Options?

By Coxwell Law September 13, 2017

You get into a car accident. It’s late at night. You get out of your car, weary, shaken, and you..

How to Settle a Car Accident Personal Injury Claim: Our Top Tips

By Coxwell Law September 4, 2017

Claims adjusters working for insurance companies are experienced at trying to get their..

Are Tougher Laws Needed to Combat Distracted Driving?

By Coxwell Law September 2, 2017

In 2015 alone, distracted driving caused the deaths of nearly 3,500 people. Distracted driving..