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What You Need to Know About Premises Liability

By Coxwell & Associates January 16, 2016

When someone enters your home or a property that you own, they almost always assume that it is..

Can I give up rental property I own through bankruptcy?

By Frank H. Coxwell February 8, 2013

Yes. If you are thinking about not keeping your rental property any more, you are by no means alone..

My car was repossessed. How can I get it back?

By Frank H. Coxwell November 19, 2012

If your vehicle was repossessed, you can get the property back by filing a chapter 13..

Can bankruptcy wipe out Willful and Malicious Injury debt?

By Frank H. Coxwell October 25, 2012

Willful and Malicious Injury to PROPERTY: Chapter 7 - NO, it cannot be discharged (wiped out)...

Man Convicted in Shooting OF USM Football Players

By Charles "Chuck" R. Mullins July 13, 2012

Travis Cardell Brown was convicted of shooting three (3) Southern Mississippi football players,..

10 Reasons Why Chapter 13 Is A Financial "Super Tool"

By Frank H. Coxwell July 4, 2012

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is not just a method to stop foreclosure or wipe out credit card and other..

Was your house forelosed in 2009 or 2010?

By Frank H. Coxwell November 9, 2011

If your home was foreclosed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010, you can request a..

Effort to extradite actor Randy Quaid from Canada fails

By Charles "Chuck" R. Mullins July 19, 2011

Randy Quaid will always be the lovable Cousin Eddie to thousands of folks including me. The..

Why You Need Title Insurance.

By Frank H. Coxwell May 5, 2011

I'll bet you don't know anyone who has ever collected on title insurance. It seems expensive, no..

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