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What are the speed limits for truck drivers in Mississippi?

By Coxwell Law June 21, 2017

The state of Mississippi stretches for 48,433sq miles and speed limits can often be questioned..

Hit by a commercial truck: what to do next

By Coxwell & Associates October 18, 2016

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If you’ve been hit by a commercial truck then it’s likely you’re not just making..

4 things to check before choosing your semi truck accident lawyer

By Coxwell & Associates October 10, 2016

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When you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, it can cause serious damage..

How common are freight accidents in the US?

By Coxwell & Associates October 6, 2016

(Image Credit)

As freight trucks are commonly used throughout the United States to transport and..

How to successfully claim against commercial truck accidents

By Coxwell & Associates August 22, 2016

(Credit Image)

There are many factors that need to be considered before making a claim for a..

How large is a freight truck blind spot?

By Coxwell & Associates August 11, 2016

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All vehicles have their blind spots. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to..

Rear ended by an 18 wheeler? What you need to do next

By Coxwell & Associates August 8, 2016

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Being rear ended by an 18 wheeler can damage your vehicle beyond repair and cause..

The impact of a serious big rig accident - what can I claim for?

By Coxwell & Associates August 4, 2016

(Image Credit)

Big rig accidents can cause serious damage. A big rig can be three or four times..

How to spot an overloaded truck on the highway

By Coxwell & Associates August 1, 2016

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Trucks have to follow strict weight restrictions for the safety of other road..

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