The 9 Most Significant Symptoms of Essure Migration

Essure migration is a long-term side effect of the procedure and can be life-changing if not treated immediately. The device migrating from the fallopian tube can cause perforation of the uterus and damage other internal organs, so it’s important that you know the symptoms to look out for and spot. This post will outline why Essure migration occurs and nine symptoms that you should be aware of.

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The Symptoms to Look Out For

1. Extreme Pelvic Pain

The coil can be released into the pelvis if not fitted correctly, so it’s no real surprise that you should feel pain and discomfort here if the device has migrated. It’s likely that the device will have been inserted too far which could be causing this pain.

This is particularly dangerous as the pelvic pain could be a sign that the Essure has perforated your fallopian tube, potentially damaging other organs along the way too.

2. Abnormal Periods

Sudden, heavier or no periods at all can all be a sign that your device may have migrated somewhere it shouldn’t be. If you suffer from constant heavy bleeding or notice a change in your regular cycle, contact a doctor immediately.

3. Memory Lapses, Dizziness and Fainting

All three of these symptoms tie in together and are all common side effects of the Essure procedure. It’s best to get checked out if you start to feel frequently dizzier and keep getting lapses in memory. It could be something or nothing at all but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you faint between having the procedure done and your three month check up, seek medical attention immediately.

4. Severe Bloating

Have you started to feel severely bloated when eating a tiny portion? Or even nothing at all? If this is the case, monitor it from the first time you spot it and seek medical help after a few days if it doesn’t go away.

5. Twinges in the Implant Location and Aching Joints

You don’t have to be overexerting yourself to feel these twinges. They can strike at any time and during any activity. Even something as simple as walking down the stairs can prove to be painful if the Essure device has migrated. Like the bloating, monitor it and if it persists after a few days, contact your doctor.


6. Fatigue

Essure migration can really take it out of your body and you can begin to feel drained and exhausted. Even when you haven’t changed your normal routine from before the procedure, everyday activities can leave you extremely tired. If this starts to happen, seek medical advice. Don’t try and pass it off as simply being tired.

7. Migraines

Migraines are never pleasant. Although they can be caused by anything and might not have anything to do with your Essure device, it’s best to get yourself checked out. That way, you can have a clear mind and won’t be doing yourself any further harm by leaving it longer.

8. Weight Gain

Not changed anything in your diet but still gaining weight? Don’t try and eat cleaner or exercise more to get rid of it, as it just won’t work and could lead to frustration and mental health issues. Weight gain is a common sign of Essure migration and some women have been known to gain up to 60lbs (in extreme cases). Contact a medical professional and see why you’re putting on weight.

9. Changed Toilet Habits

Are you taking more frequent trips to the toilet? Some women have complained that they were back and forth to the toilet non-stop as a result of their Essure migrating. Not only this, but there was blood in their excrement and urine and also they felt pain whilst passing. If this applies to you, seek medical attention.

A multitude of negative side effects have surfaced as a result of Essure. Over 16,000 complaints were filed with the FDA against the birth control method, and there have also been deaths associated with Essure.

Evidence has arisen that the clinical trials may have been falsified, or incorrectly reported (i.e. significant side effects were not reported even when over 30% of patients in the trial suffered).

The procedure is delicate, and complicated; the correct placement is key, and many doctors aren’t properly trained in placing Essure – and most definitely not in dealing with cases of complication. One such complication is Essure migration and unfortunately, doctors were not warned about it.

What are the Reasons for Essure Migration?

One of the main reasons for the device migrating around your body is if the coils weren’t positioned properly in your fallopian tubes.

For example, if the coils weren’t far enough in the tubes, it’s likely that they may be released into the uterine cavity. This can cause sudden heavier periods and increased cramping, which can be particularly uncomfortable and unpleasant. The coil could even be unexpectedly released during a menstrual cycle and may not be even noticed.

Inserting the coils too far can also lead to serious problems too. When this happens, the contractions from the uterus can cause the coils to be released into the pelvis and the abdomen.

Should the coil not be placed properly, the contractions will ensure that the coil is expelled from the body hours or even weeks after the procedure.

This isn’t the fault of the doctors. Unfortunately, they weren’t warned that the Essure coils may potentially migrate. This was the responsibility of Bayer, the manufacturer. 

Are You Showing the Symptoms?

If you or a loved one have been showing the symptoms of Essure migration, then make sure you seek medical attention to make sure that everything is okay. Once you’ve got the results back from your checks, you could be eligible for compensation that you well and truly deserve.

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