Accidents And Insurance

Big companies and the insurance industry spend millions talking about civil lawsuits and convincing the public that people who file lawsuits are greedy. They say lawsuits are just about the money. Well, I will tell you something-the lawsuits are about the money. Civil actions (lawsuits) are about the money to help a housewife support her children after her husband is killed by a defective, dangerous product. Lawsuits are about the money to help a young girl finish college after her parents are killed when a 18 wheeler violated the rules of the road and caused their death. Lawsuits help people who suffer harms and losses recover their lives. What is wrong with helping a person recover their live after being injured?

Insurance companies exist to make money and they make billions and billions. Companies like energy, pharmaceutical, and other such businesses exist to make money and they also make billions. They do everything they can to maximize their profit. Banks and finance companies make billions. Why is it okay for all these companies to make billions off their services and products but it is not okay for an injured person to seek money when they are injured? Does this make any good sense? My experience teaches me that every person wants reasonable and fair compensation when they are injured by some company or their product. Yet, people often look at another person’s claim as if has no merit.

This attitude of doubting other people and their injuries but believing in your own claim comes from years of propaganda by the insurance industry. Why do you think the insurance company pushes and promotes all the ads. Do you think the insurance industry cares for you? If you have ever had a claim I bet you have probably had a bad experience with the insurance company. I am not a fan of insurance companies. Their attitude toward the homeowners devastated by hurricane Katrine speaks for itself. We have helped people for years who have serious injury claims. When the insurance company does not act fairly with you we can help. Before you talk with the insurance company talk with a lawyer. The lawyer will work for you, the insurance company works for itself.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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