Accidents with Police Cars

Accidents between individuals driving their cars on the public roads and police cars can have devastating effects. Today in the news there was $15 million dollar settlement between a County in Illinois and a family after a fatal collision. In that case a police officer ran a light hitting a car killing two people and causing permanent brain damage to the 3rd. Apparently the police car did not have on its siren or blue lights. This sounds like a tragedy that could have been avoided.

It is not uncommon to see these types of accidents in Mississippi between police cars and people driving on the road. We recently tried a case involving the exact same issue and we received the maximum verdict allowable by law for the injury. In Mississippi accidents of this type are governed by the Mississippi Tort Claims Act. This law puts limits on the damages that a person or family can recover from either injuries or the death of someone. The Mississippi Law is extremely unfair. For example, if three people are seriously injured in an automobile accident with a police car, and it is proven the officer acted with reckless disregard for their safety, Mississippi law limits the recovery of all three to a total of $500,000.00. Yes, that’s right. If two of the people have brain damage and will never be able to function again, the amount they have to split is $500,000.00. This seems not only unfair, unjust, but also cruel.

At Coxwell & Associates we handle accidents between law enforcement vehicle and other drivers. In the most recent case we obtained the maximum award of $500,000.00 for out clients. Our attorneys also review and accept some serious civil rights cases. In one case against the City of Jackson we obtained a 2.1 million dollar jury verdict in Federal Court. The City appealed the case all the way to the United States Supreme Court before finally surrendering and paying our clients. Dedication to our clients and persistence are our traits. For a free case evaluation call at 601.948.1600 or e mail us through our website.

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