An Invasion

There is an invasion in Mississippi. An invasion? “Of what?” you may ask. It is an invasion of out of state and internet lawyers. Does this sound odd or unusual? The same think is happening all of the United States and the world. Some call it globilization or regionalization. Lawyers like those at Coxwell & Associates call it trouble for citizens of Mississippi. Don’t misunderstand me. I think there have been some aspects of globlization that has been good for the huge multi-national corporations and for some local businesses that can more easily sell their goods over seas. On the other hand it has been bad for the American worker who has seen to many jobs disappear over seas to a cheaper work force. In the area of legal services this globalization is not good.

Think about the facts for a minute. Most cases are filed in the local State and Federal Courts. Witnesses are usually local. A lawyer who practices regularly in Mississippi and who is competent with a good reputation knows how to get the case through the Court System and knows all the parties. More importantly, a Mississippi lawyer is a resident and has a interest in his community and State. Too often I have seen out of state lawyers come through and take cases from local lawyers. These out of state lawyers have no concern for Mississippi, its value, or its customs. They are simply out to get the case and make a buck. Many times these out of state lawyers sign up a client and immediatley turn around and find a local Mississippi lawyer to do the work. With the internet, geat numbers of out of state lawyers can establish an internet presence and advertise for case in Mississippi without having an office in Mississippi and without ever intending on personally handling the case. Think about that for a moment: Do you want an internet lawyer entering into a attorney-client relationship with you and you never have the opportunity to meet the lawyer, or does it not bother you that the lawyer has no office in Mississippi?

The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates are Mississippi residents. We have an established office in downtown Jackson. We may travel all over Mississippi and the United States, but our homes are in Mississipp. Our roots and values are here. Our reputations and how we help clients are the most important things in our law practices. Our office handles serious automobile cases where people get hurt. We work in many other areas of the law that involve injuries. Another focus of our attention is criminal defense. Our success in these areas is reflected on our website. The next time you have a problem do not hestitate to call. If you have a problem that we do not handle, we will help guide you to a competent lawyer.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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