Been In A Car Wreck??

Most of us have experienced it or know a friend or family member who has – the sound of brakes screaching and metal collliding, along with the physical jolt of an automobile accident. Some of these accidents are minor, just simple fender-benders with minimal vehicle damage and even less bodily injury. Unfortunately, some auto collisions are quite violent and can include major property damages and loss, as well as serious injuries and even death. Regardless of the type and nature of an auto accident, the process that follows the accident can be confusing and frustrating. Chuck Mullins, Merrida Coxwell and Kevin White, the attorneys at Coxwell and Associates, have dozens of years handling these types of matters and are availble to assist and advise you.

The first thing to understand is that the availability of compensation from an automobile insurance carrier is key to recovering for the damages you may have incurred. Liability insurance, or insurance that pays for damages to others’ vehicles when you are the at-fault driver, has been made mandatory by Mississippi state law. However, this does not prevent some from operating their vehicles on our roads and streets without the required coverage. There are, indeed, quite a number of drivers on the roads of our state that do not have liability insurance coverage. Attempts to recover compensation for injuries and losses you sustain due to an uninsured’s negligence is always frustrating and sometimes futile. In addition, the law in the state of Mississippi at current only requires minimal liability coverage of $25, 000. As anyone who has ever spend a night in a hospital knows, that amount would not go very far towards fair compensation.

The second thing to understand is the importance of the police report. If you have been hit by another, it is IMPERATIVE that law enforcement officials are contacted and respond to the scene. Even in “minor” collisions, the presence of law enforcement at the scene of the accident can be crucial to attempts to recover compensation for losses, at a later date. The Mississippi Uniform Crash Report will be drafted by the officer who responded to the scene of the accident. That report will be used by attorneys, claims adjusters and anyone else who may be attempting to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. In addition to both drivers’ and any passenger information, the Mississippi Uniform Crash Report lists the make and model of both cars, VIN numbers, road conditions, any possible traffic violation by either party, vehicle owners, insurance information (if available), and may include a diagram of the accident drafted by the responding officer, based upon each drivers’ statement and any witness accounts. And of utmost importance, this crash report may assign fault to one of the drivers. If you are involved in an automobile wreck, it is important to contact the authorities so that a law enforcement official can respond to the scene.

The attorneys at Coxwell and Associates are adept at handling these types of matters and claims. Due to the fact that facts are always different, drivers and vehicles are always different and, most importantly, insurance carriers are usually different, the process of handling your claim is a specialized matter that is distinguised from any prior wreck you may have had or be familiar with. If you have been in a wreck or have a friend or loved one that has, contact our office and let one of the attorneys at Coxwell and Associates guide you through the insurance process to achieve the compensation you deserve.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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