Can Bankruptcy Wipe Out Child Support or Alimony?

No. Domestic actions such as child support, alimony, maintenance, and other obligations cannot be discharged through any type of bankruptcy. If you are receiving support through any of these methods, know that it cannot be erased. family in hands.jpg
However, if you are the one paying child support, alimony, etc and have gotten behind on these obligations, possibly facing legal action – filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to protect you and provide a way for you to catch up the support over an extended period of time while getting you back on track with the current requirements. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also assist you in getting your license back and addressing other possibly penalties you have may have already incurred due to failure to pay support. There are times when job loss, cuts in pay, etc can impact your ability to provide support so filing a Chapter 13 provides an opportunity to get things back on track and in order for the benefit of everyone.
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