Cat Cora DUI: Lessons for Mississippians


Jackson, Mississippi celebrity chef Cat Cora received a DUI in California last year. Ms. Cora bumped into another car and the police were called. Ms. Cora claimed that she only had three (3) beers BUT she took a breath test which revealed her blood alcohol content was .19 (the legal limit in California is .08 just like Mississippi).

California has much harsher DUI penalties than Mississippi. Ms. Cora struck a plea deal in which she paid fines of over $2,000 and received 120 jail sentence which was suspended, meaning she doesn’t have to serve the time as long as she doesn’t get into any more trouble.

To make matters worse for Ms. Cora, the driver of the other car videoed her after the wreck. She did not exactly come off as she does when she is doing a cooking show as you can see here.

What can Mississippians learn from this? Well, one of the best options is the little known “bee defense”. If you are driving and get blue lighted, start swerving your car from one side of the road to the next. Look for a place to pull over close to a clearing. Once you are stopped you and any passengers should immediately bolt from the car shouting “bees!” and begin running wildly into the nearby open area. It helps if you could roll around every once in a while and pretend to swat at the invisible bees. Some folks have actually perfected the art of “buzzing” while doing all of this but if it’s your first time you should probably just stick to running and swatting. I have included an example of how the “bee defense” should be done. (Obviously I just made that up. You should never try the “bee defense” and the fact that I actually have to issue such a disclaimer is an indictment on the American educational system.)

Now what can Mississippians really learn from this? Well, obviously you should never drink and drive. However, if you do find yourself behind the wheel after having a beer or two the worst thing you can do is admit anything to a police officer. That doesn’t mean you should lie because the officer probably will smell the hops and barley coming from your breath despite the fact you just shoved an entire pack of Big Red gum in your mouth, paper and all, as he was walking up to your car. Just advise the officer that your are remaining silent but remain polite.Produce your license and insurance card. Step out of the car if he asks you. But don’t perform any field sobriety tests or take any preliminary breath tests I also advise all my clients that we have a better chance of winning a DUI if you refuse the breath test once you are taken downtown to blow. If you take the breath test and register .08 or greater your chances of winning are greatly reduced.

DUI’s are serious and you need serious attorneys handling your case. Chuck Mullins has been defending Mississippians for nearly 19 years. You can learn more about Chuck at the firm’s website. You can learn more about DUI’s in Mississippi here.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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