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Johnson and Johnson claims there is no danger when using their baby powder as part of a feminine hygiene routine. However, from three previous successful lawsuits, it’s clear juries believe there is enough evidence to suggest talcum powder was responsible for causing ovarian cancer in three victims. 

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In those three cases, the three women had used Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder for most of their lives. They were later diagnosed with cancer and in all three cases they suffered serious and life-changing side effects.

While Johnson and Johnson baby powder has been around for over a century, there are major concerns about the side effects it can pose to people who use it regularly (and for long-term users). It has been suggested that using talcum powder can increase the risks of respiratory issues and other health problems.

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Baby powder is used for a wide range of different reasons, such as:

When looking to start a talc lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, you need to consider what you want to claim for. Just like with any type of personal injury case, your attorney will help you determine what type of compensation you want to claim and how much you think the defendant, in this case Johnson & Johnson, should pay.

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In previous successful talcum powder lawsuits, some women have won large compensation amounts.

More women are filing lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson because they believe their cancer was caused by talcum powder. There have been many cases where women have suffered from aggressive talcum powder cancer.

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As Johnson and Johnson never warned customers of the potential risks of using talc as part of a feminine hygiene routine, more women are concerned their cancer was caused by talcum powder. Reports have suggested J&J were aware of the risks but chose to remain silent and not issue a baby powder recall.

As more talcum powder lawsuits are being heard in court, there are more claims that Johnson and Johnson intentionally concealed and ignored evidence that there were risks for women who used baby powder regularly on the perineal area.

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Is talcum powder dangerous?

There is still a lot of discussion on whether there is a link between talcum powder and cancer. There have been studies going back as far as 1982 which suggests using talcum powder on the perineal area can increase your chances of developing ovarian cancer (and other cancers). Some studies show that women who regularly used talcum powder have an increased risk of developing cancer. In some of the case studies, researchers found talcum particles in ovarian cancer cells suggesting that baby powder can travel up though the womb, up the fallopian tubes and into the ovaries.

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For over forty years, there has been growing concerns that baby powder can cause ovarian cancer when used on the genital area for a prolonged number of years. There are conflicting studies, some believe talcum powder can aggravate the ovaries and can cause cancer to develop, while other studies claim there is no connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer at all.

However, the studies that suggest there is a connection show strong evidence that talcum powder is a significant catalyst in the cancer’s growth and development.

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Since the growing number of lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson claiming J&J baby powder causes ovarian cancer, there have been concerns that baby powder isn’t safe to use.

When talcum powder is commonly used on babies, it’s a major concern for many families. There are thousands of US women who use baby powder for personal hygiene and they’ve been using it regularly for years. 


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There have been lengthy discussions, especially in the media, about whether there is a link between talcum powder and cancer. While Johnson & Johnson claim talcum powder is entirely safe, there is research to suggest it is harmful, especially when used as part of feminine hygiene.

What is talcum powder?

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