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Thousands of women have experienced frightening symptoms as a result of their Essure implant. If this has happened to you or a loved one, it’s worth knowing that Bayer, the manufacturers of the contraceptive product, are now having lawsuits filed against them. Has your life been turned upside down by your side effects or permanent damage? If so, here’s how to file an Essure lawsuit.

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1. Check You’re Eligible to File a Claim Against Essure

There are many side effects that can flare up from having an Essure procedure, but you can only be eligible to file a lawsuit against Essure if you’ve experienced certain problems.

If you’ve suffered as a result of an Essure procedure, then you aren’t alone. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received thousands of reports from women across the world before the implants were taken off the market in July 2018.

Reported side effects have included symptoms like fainting, vomiting and cramping. More serious cases have resulted in women suffering from chronic pain, device migration and even life-threatening pregnancies. There are procedures available, but how much does Essure reversal cost and who should pay?

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What is Essure Reversal?

26,773 women have unfortunately had to deal with the catastrophic side effects of the Essure device. Whether they’re short-term or long-term side effects, the device has changed a lot of people’s lives. And not for the birth control functionality it was meant for.

Many people have filed complaints and even lawsuits against Bayer, the device manufacturer. Here’s an update on the figures and outcomes, and advice for if you or a loved one have been affected with the procedure.

We’ll cover:

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If you’re eligible to file against Bayer for an Essure lawsuit claim, then the last thing you want to be doing is facing it alone and unprepared. Not only do you have the side effects of your Essure device to deal with, but to try and deal with various different contacts and large profile lawyers at the same time is more or less impossible to come out on top of.

If you’re going to win your deserved amount on compensation, you’re going to have to be prepared and we’d definitely advise that you hire an expert attorney. This post will outline our recommended tips on how to prepare for Essure lawsuit claims.

We’ll cover:

First introduced in 2002, Essure is a device meant for permanent female sterilization. However, some women may want to have the device removed because of complications or because they want to have children. Essure removal and reversal require surgery and although, in theory, health insurance should cover it, there are instances where it wouldn’t. Here’s what they are and why.

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Please note, it’s important to realize that when we say “Essure removal”, we’re using it as a general term that describes the overall procedure that takes Essure out of the body. We’re not referring to surgery where the female reproductive organs are removed from the body, nor are we referring to the specific Essure reversal surgery.

Does Insurance Cover Essure Removal?

When it comes to permanent birth control, whilst men only have vasectomy, women have options. The two most common and well-known are a tubal ligation (“having your tubes tied”); or Essure, a non-surgical, permanent birth control device. But which is better? We’ll take a look at both methods and examine their benefits and risks.

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What is Tubal Ligation?

Hernia meshes are designed to help patients recover from their painful condition, but recent years have seen a rise in the number of complaints due to hernia mesh complications, such as mesh rejection. Here are some hernia mesh rejection symptoms to watch out for, how they can hurt you financially and what you can do about it.

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What Causes Mesh Rejection?

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of complaints that hernia meshes have been causing post-surgery complications. This has led to several mesh products being taken off the market and patients filing claims against manufacturers. If you’ve been suffering from adverse side effects due to your hernia mesh, you may be eligible for compensation. One important step to securing a successful lawsuit is to choose a good lawyer. Here’s a guide to choosing a lawyer before starting an abdominal hernia mesh lawsuit. 

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When you’re searching for a suitable lawyer, you should be asking yourself these questions:

Designed in 1958, surgical mesh has been preferred by surgeons when repairing hernias due to the low recovery time and reduced rate of recurrence. However, there has been a recent surge in complaints and lawsuits filed against mesh manufacturers after patients have experienced adverse complications. Various mesh products have even been recalled from the market. If you’re considering pursuing a hernia mesh lawsuit, here’s what you can expect – from noticing the symptoms to taking legal action and receiving compensation.

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Time Frames You Should Keep an Eye on

  • 24 to 48 hours after surgery: Your wound will still be sore and you may see swelling and bruising around the area. But this is normal. You should be able to get up, get dressed, move around the house and eat and drink as normal. If your doctor says so, you should be able to shower at this point. Ensure to pat the incision dry.

Hernia meshes have been popular since the 1980s because they help to reduce the rate of hernia recurrence. However, recent research has found meshes to cause more post-surgery complications than the traditional suture method. This has led to several mesh products being recalled and a rise in the number of lawsuits filed against their manufacturers. It’s important you know which mesh was used for your hernia repair so you can keep an eye out for the symptoms. Here’s what surgical mesh was recalled and how to find out if you have it. 

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What Surgical Mesh was Recalled Recently?

Since 2005, more than 200,000 units have been recalled by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). These are:

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