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Although trucks are essential for our society’s survival as they can carry goods from one place to another, their large size also means that they pose a huge risk to other motorists. Truck accidents of all types can cause some of the worst devastations seen on today’s highways and interstates. Here are some of the most common types of commercial truck accidents and what to do if you’ve been in one.

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Transporting freight is the cornerstone of the American economy. In 2015 alone, our country’s transportation system moved an average of nearly 50 million tons of freight every single day, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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Since the recession ended, the total tonnage of goods moved has been on the rise, and experts estimate that between 2015 and 2045, it will increase by approximately 1.4 percent per year. Although most goods that are transported by truck reach their destination safely, improperly loaded or shifting cargo can cause catastrophic collisions that result in serious injuries and even death.

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The days and weeks that follow a serious truck accident are incredibly busy and stressful. You may have to arrange for transportation, attend doctor’s appointments, participate in physical therapy, schedule childcare, modify your living space, and check in with coworkers who are covering for you.

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Although each of these tasks is important, you should have only two main priorities following a collision with an 18-wheeler: your health and your financial wellbeing. Visiting a doctor immediately following the wreck—and following up as needed—will protect your physical health, while filing a personal injury claim may allow you to recover the compensation needed to maintain your financial security.

If you were hurt in a crash with an 18-wheeler and you’re ready to begin the claims process, turn to the Jackson truck accident attorneys at Coxwell & Associates. We will do everything in our power to help you recover a fair settlement as quickly as possible. Call 877-231-1600 to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Mississippi.

The US economy relies heavily on trucks, with 70 percent of all freight transported annually arriving on some kind of truck. But having so many large, heavy vehicles on the road can lead to serious accidents.

218 million of us hold valid driving licenses so there’s a good chance you’ve driven past a truck accident at some point. Here are some of the most surprising statistics when it comes to truck accidents.


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As if being involved in a truck accident isn’t traumatic enough, imagine then not being paid the right amount of compensation or having something deemed your fault when it clearly wasn’t. Here are four things to avoid doing to ensure that your truck accident claim isn’t put at risk.

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1. Failure to Contact the Police

Immediately after your truck crash, as long as you’re safe and able to do so, you need to contact the police. If you don’t, the insurance company that you’re claiming against will likely place you at fault for the accident. Or even worse still, claim that your accident didn’t actually happen.  

The US Department of Transportation estimates that every year, there are 500,000 accidents involving trucks and nearly 5,000 deaths. Even if there aren’t any fatalities, there’s a high chance that there’ll be some traumatic injuries. If you’ve been hit by a commercial truck, before you take action, you need to choose a good truck wreck lawyer. Here’s how. 

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When you’re looking for an appropriate lawyer, you should be asking these questions:

  • What is Their Track Record?

The three leading causes of tractor-trailer collisions are driver errors, vehicle malfunctions, and environmental conditions. No matter what caused your wreck, you will need strong evidence to prove negligence and liability for your claim to be successful.

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Unfortunately, proving a vehicle malfunction is often more challenging than proving a driver errorespecially if the truck sustained significant damage upon impact. This can make proving liability difficult in truck accident claims arising from brake failure.

The sooner your personal injury attorney can investigate your crash, the more likely it will be that essential evidence will still be available.

Large truck crashes are far more likely to cause severe injuries and fatalities than collisions involving regular vehicles. There is also an added layer of complexity in truck accident claims because there is more evidence to consider when proving negligence and liability.

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Most commercial trucks today have event data recorders (EDRs), also called “black boxes.” A black box is an electronic device that records about 15 different kinds of data regarding the vehicle’s operation. Black boxes play an important role in proving liability following big rig accidents.

If you were hurt in a collision with an 18-wheeler, the Jackson personal injury attorneys at Coxwell & Associates can review the black box data and other evidence to ensure your claim is as strong as possible heading into settlement negotiations. Since EDR data can be destroyed, it is essential that you take action immediately. Call 877-231-1600 to schedule a free case evaluation with a truck accident lawyer in Mississippi.

Although any kind of automobile accident can have fatal consequences, those involving trucks are even more likely to be deadly due to their size. If you’ve survived a truck crash, you may be left with devastating damages, from physical to financial. But before you file your lawsuit, you need to know how long truck accident settlements last and how much they’re worth. Here’s what you should expect.

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A Brief Intro to Truck Accident Settlements

In law, a settlement is when disputing parties reach an agreement about a legal case. This can be reached either before or after court action begins. There are two main types of settlements – lump sum and structured. A lump sum settlement is paid all at once while a structured settlement is paid in regular payments for a predetermined length of time.

Semi-trucks can weigh up to 20 times more than midsize cars, so accidents involving 18-wheelers often result in catastrophic injuries. Determining liability after a truck wreck can be more complicated than after a passenger-vehicle collision because multiple parties often share a percentage of fault.

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There is also other evidence to consider when proving negligence and liability including the truck driver’s Hours of Service logbook and “black box” data.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a big rig crash, contact Coxwell & Associates to discuss your case with a Jackson truck accident attorney. We will evaluate your case for free and help you determine the most strategic way to proceed with your claim. Call 877-231-1600 today to schedule a consultation.

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