Cell Phones Cause Serious Automobile Accidents; Ban Upcoming?


I have blogged before about the danger of cell phone usage while driving. Now, the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) is urging all states to ban cell phone usage for drivers.

The NTSB recommendation comes after its investigation into an accident in Missouri caused when a 19 year old rammed into a tractor trailer and then was rear ended by two school buses filled with children. The 19 year old had sent or received 11 texts in the 11 minutes prior to the accident. The 19 year old driver as well as one of the high school kids was killed. 38 people were injured.

Automobile accidents happen all the time. People get seriously injured. As attorneys, we can help you recover money for your pain and suffering, lost wages, etc. But we’d rather you stay safe. Please, do not use your cell phone while driving. We were able to drive for decades without cell phones and we can surely get by without them now.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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