Children being neglected or abused at daycares or schools is intolerable. Many of us make enormous sacrifices for the care and protection of our children. It is extremely difficult to leave our children in the care of non-family members when we are occupied; however, outside child care is a necessity for thousands of parents in Mississippi and millions throughout the nation. Given that it is a necessity for so many, though, means that child care providers must provide certain standards of care and supervision when entrusted with such an important responsibility.

Lack of Supervision
If children are not properly monitored while being taken care of, they can sustain a variety of injuries playing unsafe games, playing in hazardous areas such as the street, or during dangerous horse play with other kids. In any of these cases, it is the child care provider’s responsibility to ensure that the child is safe and unharmed while in his or her care.

Child Neglect and Abuse
In recent years, a disturbing trend of child neglect and abuse while in day care or with the babysitter has led many families to file lawsuits against their child care providers for injuries. If your child has been physically harmed in child care, or sustained emotional injury, Coxwell & Associates can help you and your family achieve peace of mind and financial compensation for any resulting injuries or damages.

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