Concerns About Reckless Driving


Residents in one Brandon neighborhood are concerned about the prevalence of reckless driving in their community. According to WJTV News Channel 12, they’re calling on additional law enforcement presence and patrols in efforts to curb the dangerous driving behaviors. Park Ridge Drive, one of the problem areas, is a well-known area for speeders and drivers who blow through stop signs. Most residents’ top concerns are associated with the children in the neighborhood.

Cracking Down on Reckless Driving
Community members are hoping to get more patrols in this area to cut down on the speeding and other dangerous driving practices. Although, stop signs were recently installed, residents report that they’re hardly noticed at all. In some cases, drivers notice them too late, and they’re already going to fast to stop. WJTV News Channel 12 also reported that the Brandon Police Department has six officers on each shift to patrol over 800 streets.

Injuries Involving Reckless Drivers

Whether you were a pedestrian who was hit or a passenger in another car, reckless drivers can cause injuries ranging from fairly mild abrasions and bruises to traumatic and catastrophic spinal cord and head injuries. No matter where your injuries fall on the spectrum, your top priority needs to be your health. If you weren’t transported to the hospital from the scene, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible to get your immediate medical needs addressed.

Dangerous Driving Practices
• Speeding • Running red lights and stop signs • Failure to yield • Texting behind the wheel • Cutting off other drivers • Impaired driving
• Following too closely • Weaving in and out of traffic • Road rage • Distracted driving
Reckless and Aggressive Driving in Jackson

Reckless and aggressive drivers put everybody on the roadways at great risk. Drivers in neighborhoods especially need to remain vigilant for children who could dart out at any moment. Following the posted speed limits and observing all traffic signs and signals is absolutely critical to keeping roadways in Jackson and across Mississippi safe for drivers, passengers, riders, cyclists, pedestrians and children.

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