My partner Chuck Mullins and I just finished a criminal trial in Madison County, Mississippi. The jury returned a not guilty verdict and freed a young woman from a year of turmoil and pressure that was from the beginning unjustified in my opinion. I don’t mind admitting that I worked hard on the trial and I was concerned and worried throughout the trial. After the trial was over I started thinking about the lawyers I have met over the past 29 years of my career who say they never get stressed or worried over a trial. They also often say that they don’t make an emotional bond with the client. They apparently believe that staying unemotional and apart from the client gives them an advantage. I disagree.

Chuck and I genuinely liked and cared for our client. It is rare for us to help someone with a legal problem and not become of friend with that person. I have not ever found that to be a disadvantage. People derive their passion from the things they do in life. We have passion for our work and we believe that passion for the individual client and cause is also necessary. That is one reason we do not accept every case. I have practiced 29 years. After that long I have earned the right to like who I represent and to represent them with passion and a sense of friendship.
I cannot see that changing as long as I continue to represent people.

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