Dangerous products maim and kill men, women and children every day. Many of these deaths and injuries are avoidable. It is these avoidable injuries and deaths that make me so angry and often times anger juries. I read a story today about a young child who died in a house fire. The fire was started by a electric engine in a portable fan. I guess we could say that products sometimes get old and catch on fire, right? Well, in this instance the electric motor on the fan was produced in another company and shipped to the U.S. for installation in the fan. The company that was putting the fan together knew since 1999 that the motors in the fans had a high propensity to catch on fire! The company knew for 9 years that the fan might burn up. Where are fans used? In houses of course. So, the company knew the fans were sold for use in houses, where families lived, and knew the fans might catch on fire and result in injury and death. Does that make you mad? There is nothing wrong with creating products and making money, but when a company knows that a product is unreasonably dangerous and likely to injure the consumer, then they need to change the product. When you see a large jury verdict, you can almost always be assured that the verdict is due to a jury witnessing in Court despicable conduct by a corporation, industry, or business. Profit should never be put over the value of a human life.

This brings me to another topic. If you think for one minute that a corporation, business, or industry cares about your welfare, safety, or life, please tell the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland I said hello. Corporations do not have feeling or a soul. They exist to make money. There are some exceptions, like the Red Cross and The Salvation Army, but the majority of corporations and businesses see you as a dollar on a balance sheet and nothing more. I have said this many times before. Much of our lives are controlled by corporations, and this power is growing every year. Our Congress is more heavily influenced by the lobbyists for these companies than they are by the needs for the working American. Haven’t you said this before? Do you think you could go to Washington and have the access to a Congressman that a lobbyists does? The National Chamber of Commerce is a lapdog for these huge companies that view you as a dot on a balance sheet and nothing more. Every action the Chamber takes is in the interest of these companies and against your interests and values. How many times have you seen the Chamber come out against the greed on Wall Street? How often have you heard the Chamber encourage reform? Google it, I dare you! The Chamber is a diseased organization. Every e mail the Chamber sends me is about tort reform.(deform is a better word). The Chamber wants to protect companies like the one that sells known defective fans so when they cause the death of children, the companies are not legally responsible. Is this what you want as a consumer, citizen, and human? Do you want your family, friends, and neighbors unprotected? It really is your choice.

Let’s clear the air. I am an attorney. I help people who get seriously injured, who get cheated, and who have criminal problems. I care for my clients. My law practice is my life, my profession, my career, and my job. I take people who come to me with problems and I help them. Yes, I get paid. I get paid sometimes by the hour and sometimes I use a contingency contract where I get a percentage of what we win. I spend my money to win and if we lose, I lose. One time we had to spend about $291,000.00 dollars to help a client win. If we had lost, the consequences to my office and family would have been terrible. I am like a doctor or dentist. They take people who come into their office with problems. I take people who come into my office with problems. The doctor and dentist charge for their education, time, experience, skill, and dedication. I do the same. The doctor and dentist bill insurance companies. I sue insurance companies who deny valid claims and try to force people to settle for less than what the case is worth. For over 20 years the insurance industry and big business has spent millions upon millions of dollars on television ads and other ads attacking lawyers. Why? Have you ever really thought about this. I use the same consumer products you use? I feed, clothe, and try to rear my child just like everyone else. We all want the best for our family. The difference is I do not accept or tolerate an industry putting money over the value of human life and safety. If they do then I will do all within my power to make that company or industry pay for the harms and losses the housewife, child, or person suffered.

You rights are in peril. They are my rights too. It is hard to protect them alone. Especially when companies spend million in ads to spread lies-complete lies-about the legal system. I hope your child never dies in a house fire because of a known defective fan or some other product. If it happens, I would want the responsible company to pay just like someone has to pay if they commit a crime. Why should it be otherwise?

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