Dangerous consumer products account for thousands upon thousands of serious injuries every year. There are many companies that simply do not care about the safety of their products. There are others who care, but if they can make millions of dollars they are willing to “look the other way.” Think a minute about all the dangerous prescription drugs that have been place on the market: Vioxx, Rezulin, the diet drugs, Baycol, the tainted blood thinners, and many more. Then there are dangerous automobiles. When I say dangerous automobiles I am talking about past vehicles that the companies’ engineers knew should not be put on the market for sale to consumers, but because the drive for money was so great, the companies sold the vehicles knowing the great risk to human safety and life. If you, a family member, or a good friend are seriously injured by one of these products, what do you expect? What do you want? Do you want a legal system that fully and fairly compensates you for your harms and losses? Do you want the right to seek compensation for your damages (the legal term for your losses) from a jury, or do you think a politician is better deciding what your life, happiness and injuries are worth. Who do you trust more to make this decision? A jury or a politician, or maybe a fat-cat executive in one of the corporations who sold the dangerous product? These are real life questions that are being decided every day by lobbyists and politicians who are accepting big contributions from the corporations. They would like to be the ones who decide in advance what you deserve before you even know yourself. I don’t know about you, but that is simply wrong.

The reason I remind you of this topic is because every day I get a electronic e mail from the National Chamber of Commerce. The National Chamber quit promoting businesses years ago and became the lobbyist for huge multi-national corporations. All you hear from the Chamber is tort reform, tort reform, and more tort reform. The truth is the Chamber is not interested in reform, it is interested in protectionism. Think about this for a minute: Our country is stuck in two wars that are draining us. We have a health care crises that has divided the country. The insurance industry has promoted lies in ads to scare people about health care reform for the simple reason that the insurance industry wants to keep gouging the consumer. Many of the Western Countries like the U.S. have a public option health care system and the people like it. Read it again. The people like the system. In this country we must as a people stop believing the stories, false tales, and lies from the insurance industry and other big companies that want our money but want to money their jobs overseas and abandon the American worker.

Today I read about two consumer cases. It is those two cases that caused me to write this blog. Both were concerning defective products. The first involved an automobile that had a tendency to roll-over. The jury awarded 8.5 million for the woman who lost her leg and is paralyzed in the right arm. The second case concerned lead toys sold by a major manufacturer of children’s toys. People have known that lead is extremely toxic for so many years, yet a company produced lead toys and marketed them to our children-the most precious thing we and have to ensure our continued future and success. I am going to make my opinion crystal clear. If my child child is injured by one of these dangerous products, I want a jury to decide the value of his injuries. I don’t want a lobbyist for one of the big companies wining and dining our Congressmen and women and deciding what my child’s injuries are worth. I can promise you they won’t be thinking about the best interest of my child. I don’t want an artificial limit set by a politician so it benefits the insurance industry and these big companies. Leave my rights alone. Leave the rights of my child alone, and by the way, I want these big companies and their paid politicians to leave your rights alone also.

In the middle 1990’s I handled a roll-over case against one of the major car manufacturers. A young man lost his life. We did everything possible to resolve the case with the company but they essentially laughed at us and pulled out every trick to beat us in Court. The jury went in favor of the family, awarding over $144 million. But before you say, “that’s too much,” I will tell you the case settled for a confidential amount far below that figure, but sufficient under our legal system to be fair. The case would have settled for far less than the company paid but instead of talking with us the company hired a army of attorneys to defeat us. The jury saw the justice in our case. We need a jury system free from artificial limits set by the insurance industry and big business.

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