Debt Collectors Abuse Consumers

Debt collector

Debt collectors are tormenting people. But you already knew that. So, what else is new? Well, first of all, they are not supposed to be doing it and second, it is getting worse. Insults, foul language, threats and outright lies are the illegal methods many debt collectors use to frighten and torture people who are having trouble paying their bills.
Times are hard and people in Mississippi are having a harder time paying medical bills and credit cards. Debt collectors are going beyond their normal intimidation and scare tactics to collect debts. The Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints about debt collectors than any other business. This is the number one consumer protection problem in Mississippi.
Debt collectors, even the ones who don’t use illegal methods, want a payment from you or a promise to pay. They don’t care that you have always paid on time up until this point. They don’t care that you are having medical expenses or suffered a job loss or cut in pay. They don’t care about any of this. They just want a payment or a promise to pay. If they get a payment they will continue to pressure you for more payments. If they get a promise from you to pay, they will use it against you when you can’t pay, calling you a liar or promise breaker and verbally beat you up because you didn’t live up to your promise. You don’t have to put up with this kind of treatment.
Bankruptcy is one of the strongest group of consumer protection laws we have. Bankruptcy was created to protect you, your family and your property.
Paying your debts is important, but providing for your family is more important.

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