Defective Products cause Serious Injuries

There are so many products on the market these days. Sadly many of these products, including prescription drugs, have been inadequately tested and put on the market in a condition that makes them unreasonably dangerous to the consumer. Recently there was an Indictment against Stryker Biotech LLC and some top of the top management for carrying on a fraudulent marketing scheme involving their bone growth products. The Justice Department brought this Indictment so I suspect we may hear more about this issue.In addition the executives were charged with making false statements to the Food and Drug Administration.

For the past eight years corporations have had the ability to promote products off-label and to sell dangerous products with very little regulation. Under the Bush Administration there was a hands off approach toward business. Apparently, the Administration must have believed if it was good for business it was good for American. This is seldom true. Many of the multi-national corporations that dump defective products on our country do not even build or construct the products in this country. Products that are unreasonably dangerous should not be place for sale to the consumer. Human life and safety should always be more important and money. I think that many corporations are only concerned with how much money they can make.

There was another instance I read about where a 80 year old woman died when her robe caught on fire and she burned to death. The robe was made of a material that was highly flammable and the company knew about this danger. Companies have known for years that clothing needs to be made from a flame retardant material. There is simply no reason to sell products that are so dangerous. If a product is so dangerous that the average person is likely to be hurt, then it does not need to be sold. At Coxwell & Associates we handle defective product cases and most other accident and injury cases. These cases can be expensive and the evidence needs to be preserved and reviewed by an expert. If you think you have been injured by any defective product call Coxwell & Associates for a free review.

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