DePuy Hip Implants Raise Serious Health Questions!

Bloomberg News has issued a story reporting that several Congressmen have asked Congress to investigate the safety of metal on metal hip implants. The ASR metal hip implants by Johnson & Johnson have been recalled due to failure of these implants.

There is substantial evidence mounting to prove that the metal on metal hip implants are not functioning as predicted and that they are actually failing at a greater rate than anticipated. This hip implant and its recall may turn into yet another health disaster like so many before.

Eventually, people are going to want to start asking why there is such a rush to place products and drugs on the market without adequate testing. Congress once held a hearing on what it perceived as the Food and Drug Administration’s delay in placing drugs and products on the market. Apparently some Congressmen and women thought it took too long to get something on the market. Well, keep in mind people are being adversely affected when drugs and products are rushed to market without adequate testing.

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