Did Johnson & Johnson Hide the Dangers About Talcum Powder?

As more talcum powder lawsuits are being heard in court, there are more claims that Johnson and Johnson intentionally concealed and ignored evidence that there were risks for women who used baby powder regularly on the perineal area.

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Is talcum powder dangerous?

There is still a lot of discussion on whether there is a link between talcum powder and cancer. There have been studies going back as far as 1982 which suggests using talcum powder on the perineal area can increase your chances of developing ovarian cancer (and other cancers). Some studies show that women who regularly used talcum powder have an increased risk of developing cancer. In some of the case studies, researchers found talcum particles in ovarian cancer cells suggesting that baby powder can travel up though the womb, up the fallopian tubes and into the ovaries.

However, there are also studies which refute those claims and say there is no link between cancer and the use of talcum powder. J&J continues to claim that their talc based products are entirely safe. They claim their baby powder is safe to use and there is no risk of developing ovarian cancer when using it as part of a feminine hygiene routine.

There is evidence on both sides of the argument. However, the biggest concern is that J&J were aware of the potential risks and decided to bury them, in order to protect their profits and their reputation. 

Did J&J know about the dangers of talcum powder? 

In recent lawsuits, there has been evidence to suggest Johnson and Johnson were aware of the dangers.

In the case of Gloria Ristesund, her attorney revealed an internal document dated in 1986 which showed that employees at J&J recognised there were risks with talcum powder but were denying it publicly. 

As a pharmaceutical company, Johnson and Johnson has a responsibility to look after its customers. In the talcum powder lawsuits filed by Jacqueline Fox, Gloria Ristesund and Deborah Giannecchini, they all claimed J&J were aware of the dangers and acted negligently. They chose their profits over the health of their customers. 

Find out if you’re eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit

Without a doubt, there are many dangers about talcum powder. Juries have determined there is clear evidence that talcum powder has caused some women to develop ovarian cancer.

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