Domestic Abuse Excluded from Insurance Coverage

According to a report in The Jackson Free Press domestic abuse is a condition that can be considered a pre-existing condition and insurance companies can refuse to pay medical bills arising from treatment after domestic abuse. Absurd is the only word I have to say. I hope all of you reading this Blog or the Jackson Free Press article think hard about this issue. I have written before on the health care debate and publically stated that I am for a public option health policy. I went to far as to say I would like to see the insurance industry and their profit mongering out of health care. I love the American free enterprise system. But, health is one of the single most important needs that we have in life. Health is everything, and in my opinion it should not he held in the hands of the insurance industry. Let the insurance industry insure our cars, houses, businesses, our boats, office building and all the other myriad other things they dream up to insure, but keep them out of health insurance. If we put the best minds in this country on this issue, we could have an affordable health care ststem for everyone. Health care for the insurance industries’ profit is simply not acceptable.

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