DUI Defense in Mississippi

Coxwell and Associate partner Chuck Mullins has handled numerous driving under the influence (“DUI”) cases over the last 15 years in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi and all over the state. Recently, I defended a young man in Rankin County on a DUI. His case represents exactly why people arrested for DUI should always consult an attorney before entering a plea.

During the trial, the police officer testified that he stopped my client for speeding. However, the officer admitted that my client’s vehicle was not swerving, driving off the road, or violating any other rules of the road. The client complied quickly with the officer’s blue lights and pulled safely off the road to park.

When the officer approached, the officer testified that client was polite and cooperative. The officer admitted that the client exited the vehicle without any problem and his coordination was not impaired in any way. Further, the officer stated that the client’s speech was not slurred.

At this point in my cross examination, I felt that the State was going to lose this case. However, you never really know what will happen during trial. I pressed the officer further. I asked if my client had any problems walking while he was handcuffed. The officer said he did not. I asked whether the smell of alcohol was strong or weak? The officer testified that he could not remember.

After I finished my cross examination, the prosecutor called for an in chambers meeting. During the meeting, the prosecutor confessed the DUI charge and stated he would have no objection to a motion to dismiss.

When court was back in session, I moved for a motion to dismiss which was granted.

This DUI case was not atypical. We often see people charged with DUI when the only sign of intoxication is the “smell of an intoxicating beverage”. However, it is not illegal to drink and drive in Mississippi. It is only illegal if you are impaired. My client was clearly not impaired yet he was arrested and forced to hire an attorney to defend him.

Coxwell and Associates routinely defends Mississippi citizens on DUI’s and other misdemeanors. We are knowledgeable and vigorous in our defense. If you or someone you know have been arrested for a DUI in Ridgeland, Jackson, Madison, Hinds County, Madison County, Rankin County or anywhere in Mississippi, please call Coxwell and Associates for a free consultation.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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