Examining a Witness During Trial

Yolanda Allen answers a question from attorney Merrida Coxwell during the trial of Mayor Frank Melton and bodyguards Michael Recio and Marcus Wright at the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson Tuesday.

Television makes it appear as if every minute in Court is exciting. This is not exactly true. Examining a witness to prove facts for the defense or for the Plaintiff in a civil case is exciting. However, many witnessess are used by both sides to introduce documents or to prove uncontested facts.These witnesses can often be long and at times tedious. Contrary to television, most trials are not exciting all the time. Nevertheless, the attorneys have to be alert at all times. When you are an individual’s advocate you cannot relax, rest, or get tired in Court. If you fail to object and improper evidence or prejudicial evidence comes into the trial, the Appellate Court will most likely say that you waived that issue on appeal. There are some limited exceptions to the waiver rule when it involves fundamental rights of the accused.

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