6 Types And Examples Of C-QUR Mesh Complications

The FDA has received shocking reports regarding C-QUR mesh complications. Hernia mesh is designed to treat hernias and traumatic wounds but in the case of Atrium C-QUR people have suffered extreme complications and side effects.

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C-QUR is a polypropylene mesh however, what makes it unique in comparison to other types of mesh is the natural Omega 3 gel coating. 

The Omega 3 coating was designed to help the healing process and reduce the chance of the mesh attaching to internal tissues. But despite the hopes and intentions, results show the gel coatings offered no additional health benefit. In some surgeries, physicians found the gel coating peeled off while being placed. The mesh has provided inadequate repair and led to further injuries.

Following complaints and alarming results, Atrium has recalled C-QUR. Even though they have recalled their medical device, there are people who are experiencing painful and life-threatening side effects.

There are many types of hernia mesh complications but here are some of the known complications related to C-QUR.


The Omega 3 fatty acid gel of C-QUR was designed to create a hernia mesh implant that’s cleaner and doesn’t attach to the tissues of any surrounding organs. However there have been many cases where patients have suffered from a wide range of infections.

There is always the risk of infection with any type of medical operation but because there have been many cases of infection and the need for patients to have the mesh removed shows the mesh is unsuitable to be used inside the body.

Chronic Pain

Pain is usually one of the most common side effects to appear after the hernia mesh has been put in place. Some patients have suffered severe allergic reactions to the mesh and/or the body has rejected it. For some patients, the pain has been so severe they have been unable to go to work or do daily activities.


Rejection of C-QUR has caused painful complications for some patients. This is mainly caused by an allergic reaction and the body is unable to accept the new foreign material. It is believed the fatty Omega 3 oil is the main cause of the rejection. If your body has rejected the hernia mesh, there can be tenderness and swelling around the mesh and there can be some discoloration too.

Organ Perforation

There have been cases where the hernia mesh has perforated into other organs. This can be caused by the C-QUR migrating elsewhere or physical issues with the mesh. Organ perforation can cause long-term and serious health issues.

Bowel Obstruction

In relation to the previous point, if the mesh has migrated or perforated other organs it can cause obstruction of the bowel. Again, this can cause further health problems which will require additional surgery.

Chronic Groin Pain 

Some patients have suffered agonizing groin pain that has negatively impacted their way of life.  

Have you or a loved one suffered from C-QUR mesh complications? Then you could be eligible to file a hernia mesh lawsuit  

When you’ve been injured by a medical device, it can cause serious and even life-threatening complications. In the case of C-QUR hernia mesh, hundreds of people throughout the US are suffering from side effects that they were never warned about. Atrium did not complete all their safety tests before bringing it to market. Atrium has faced a lawsuit in the past for not complying with FDA rules and guidelines. 

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