Expunctions/expungements refers to a term used when you have either a misdemeanor or felony conviction and the Court permits you to wipe out or clean up your record. If you get your record expunged then you have no record and you are allowed to answer under oath that you have not been arrested or convicted of a crime. The problem in Mississippi is that we have only one expungement statute for felony crimes and that is for possession of controlled substances (drugs) when you were under the age of 26. There is other law allowing the expungement of other felony convictions, no matter how Small the crime or how long ago it happened. In my opinion this is archaic, cruel, senseless and dumb. I have worked for three (3)years trying to get an expungemnet bill passed in the Mississippi Legislature. This year the bill got to the Senate before it was killed by certain politicians who simply do not want to give people a second chance. Seems fairly contrary to Christian principles, but I guess they forget their Christian principles when they go to govern.

What can you expunge? If you are charged with any crime, either a felony or misdemeanor, and you are never prosecuted, the charges are dropped, or dismissed, then you may be able to get the record of your arrest expunged. If you are arrested for a felony and go into one of the Programs called Deferred Adjudication or Pre-Trial Diversion (these are intensive probation programs that if your successfully compete them the charges against you are dropped) and you finish the program, then you can have you arrest record expunged. There are also a few misdemeanor statutes that permit expungement depending on what whether you are convicted in City, County, or Justice Court. At Coxwell & Associates, a Jackson, Mississippi law firm that practices throughout the State, we can help you investigate and possibly obtain a expungement. With jobs harder and harder to find and employers looking more carefully at the work force, a clean arrest record can be a very important factor in securing a job. Our attorneys are experienced and they treat every client with respect. Our careers are not 9 to 5 jobs. We work as attorneys because we enjoy helping and care about people. Call us if you have a question about expungements or any other criminal matter.

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