Federal Court Sentence

On Friday, August 28th, 2009, Managing Partner Merrida Coxwell appeared for a Federal Sentencing Hearing for Ms. Janice Singleton. Ms. Singleton was charged with federal wire fraud, mail fraud, fraud against the U.S. Government, and Aggravated Identity Theft. Prior to the sentencing Mr. Coxwell filed a lengthy Sentencing Memorandum with mitigating evidence. Mitigating evidence is the term lawyers have for evidence that is favorable to a person who is being sentenced. In addition to the Sentencing Memorandum, Mr. Coxwell called witnesses to testify in Ms. Singleton’s behalf. At the conclusion of the hearing the U.S. District Court sentenced Ms. Singleton to fifty one (51) months and ordered her to pay restitution. Ms. Singleton was facing fifty five (55) years in prison for the charges, which included approximately forty nine (49) victims.

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