Financial fraud crimes are a type of white collar crime that we have written about previously. The F.B.I. and the Secret Service both have special divisions that investigate financial crimes. The Security & Exchange Commission has a division that investigates financial crimes in addition to the Attorney Generals for the U.S. and State Governments. These types of crimes are often pyramid schemes, insider trading, mortgages frauds, identity theft, and others. The punishment for these crimes at least in Federal Court is heavily dependent on the amount of money taken.

Corporations and other organizations can also be charged with crimes. Over the past 20 years we have witnessed numerous corporations charged with violating environmental laws, stock trading laws, and other similar offenses. If employees of a corporation and the corporation are both charged together in the same criminal offense they cannot use the same lawyer. This could lead to a conflict of interest for the lawyer. Who would he protect first, the person or the corporation.

Sometimes employees witness crimes being committed by corporations. If the employee does not report the crimes they could be charged with accessory to the crime or misprison of a felony. When the person does report a crime they may be entitled to payment of money under the Whistleblower Laws. We have written about these lawyers in other blogs.

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