I have to agree with my partner Chuck Mullins in an earlier blog when he commented on the likely negative impact the crime show will have on Jackson. Mississippi has had a turbulent racial past. The people in this State have worked hard to live past the past! We have an African American Mayor, the majority of the City Council and Supervisors are African America. Mississippi has more African American Legislators than any other state. The State of Mississippi has worked hard to transform the state’s image. Now, the focus of a major crime show is going to be the murder rate of Jackson.

I have traveled across Mississippi in my law practice for the past 28 1/2 years. Throughout those years I have often found a less than positive image of Jackson when you get outside of Jackson. I am not sure why people have this feeling. Personally, I think Jackson is a delightful city. Now the City Council is going to permit a national show on the murder rate in Jackson.

Some could say “why not have the show. We have the high murder rate anyway.” I say we don’t need the show because it will do nothing positive. It will not lower the crime rate. It will not add more police officers. It will not help poverty, hopelessness, or take drugs out of the communities. What it will do is convey a very negative image of Jackson, when we need a positive image. I think the show mainly allows someone to have their “15 seconds of fame” at the expense of the city. Maybe we could start a series like “Dancing with the Stars” or American Idol” and call it “Murder City”. The show could expose the most gruesome murder and all the salacious details of a murder from different Cities and the audience could vote on the best murder. Wow, what fun.

I know there is a lot of negative things happening in the world every day. Even here in Jackson. But do we really need to know all these details? Couldn’t we study the causes and think about the solutions? Or is that just not exciting enough!

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