Four Freed Inmates to Receive Settlement from State

Cedric Willis and three (3) other men were sitting in Parchman prison not too long ago. One of the men was on death row awaiting execution. Now, with the help of the Innocence Project and DNA evidence, the 4 men will receive $500,000 each for being wrongfully incarcerated. Coxwell & Associates and the Innocence Project helped free Cedric Willis several years ago. The Innocence Project also played a huge role in helping exonerate two of the other men.

Under a new State law, wrongfully convicted persons can apply for compensation from the State. The State can either oppose or approve the payments. The maximum payment is $500,000 which is paid at $50,000 per each year imprisoned, but only up to 10 years. Each of the men were imprisoned for longer than 10 years.

No amount of money can be paid to these men which will bring back those lost years or erase the memories of the horrors they have endured. It is our hope that each of these men will use this money to get a fresh start on life.

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