Had Side Effects Of Essure Birth Control? You Could File A Claim

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Essure is a permanent form of birth control and has been used by thousands of US women.

It was viewed as the perfect solution for women who decided they no longer wanted to have children but did not want to undergo a surgical procedure.

The Essure metal coils are inserted by a trained doctor into the fallopian tubes and once in place, they are designed to prevent future pregnancy. As Essure can be done without surgery and the procedure takes less than half an hour, women can return home straight afterwards.

Despite Bayer, the manufacturer of Essure, claiming the procedure and device to be safe, there have been hundreds of cases where women have suffered serious side effects of Essure birth control.

The Essure website does alert some of the potential side effects, such as:

  • Pregnancy: even though Essure is marketed as a permanent form of birth control, it does not offer 100% protection. If you have Essure and become pregnant, you have an increased chance of having an ectopic pregnancy, where the pregnancy takes place outside the uterus and this can be life-threatening to the mother and the baby.
  • Experience minor or moderate pain: during and after the procedure, you can feel some discomfort.
  • Allergic reactions: the metal coils are made from a nickel-titanium alloy, if you’re allergic to either of these metals it can cause uncomfortable side effects.
  • Puncture fallopian tubes: in rare cases, the metal coils can puncture a fallopian tube during the procedure and surgery will be needed to repair the damage.
  • Bleeding and cramping: after the device has been inserted, there can be bleeding and cramping for a few days afterwards.
  • Migration: there are cases where Essure has migrated from the fallopian tubes to elsewhere in the body and in these cases, surgery is required.

Essure does warn users of the potential dangers and risks of using the metal coils. However, there have been multiple cases of women suffering more extreme side effects of Essure birth control that have been life-threatening and caused major complications.

Side effects of Essure birth control that Essure failed to warn women about:

  • Perforation of the organs: there have been cases where the metal coils have perforated into other organs. Women have had to have major surgery to repair the damage.
  • Complete hysterectomy: in some cases where the coils have perforated into other organs the only solution is to have a complete hysterectomy, this is a serious surgery and can have life-changing consequences.

Currently in the US, there are many lawsuits against Bayer, claiming they did not warn people about some of the more serious side effects, like perforation of the organs and the risk of having to have a complete hysterectomy.

If you have suffered serious side effects from Essure, then you could start an Essure implant lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit gives you the opportunity to claim compensation for the injuries and pain you’ve suffered from having Essure. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to warn consumers about the potential dangers and Bayer did not alert the risk of organ perforation or a hysterectomy.

Starting a lawsuit gives you the chance to claim compensation and help warn people of the potential dangers caused by Essure. The FDA is currently working to include a black box warning on Essure so future users are informed of all the risks and side effects.

How to start an Essure birth control lawsuit

To start an Essure lawsuit, you need a lawyer for your case. Having an experienced attorney on your side means you have legal help and they will know how to approach a case like yours.

There are many attorneys out there, so it’s important you find one that is best for your particular case. Filing a lawsuit against Bayer means you need an attorney who has experience working on high profile cases and has handled cases against large companies. Having the right lawyer ensures you have a higher chance of getting a successful outcome.

At Coxwell & Associates, PLLC, we have worked on high profile cases in Mississippi and throughout the US. We have won significant amounts for our clients. If you have any questions, we provide a free consultation so please get in touch with us about your case and we can determine whether you have a case against Bayer.

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Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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