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Seveal days ago I posted a article on the dangers of many of the Hydroxycut products. These products have been voluntarily recalled due to the possibliity that they may lead to serious liver, muscle and cardic problems. Coxwell & Associates, a Jackson, Mississippi law firm that practices all over the State and in other States is evaluating serious injury claims for people who have taken these products. I wanted to bring to your attention that I also wrote in the same artice on the importance of exercise. The following day I listened to a broadcast on Public Radio from THEPEOPLESPHARMACY.COM. It was a broadcast about exercise and its affect on the brain of both children and adults. It would take me too long to recap the broadcast. It is number 675 if you want to order it. Let me say this: The broadcast will change the way you think and will get you up and exercising with your kids. Exercise and the brain go together like hamburgers and french fries!

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