Hospital Errors Leads to Fine

The State of Rhode Island has fined the largest hospital in the state after there was another medical error. For the fifth time since 2007 surgeons at the hospital operated on the wrong area of a person’s body. How does something like this happen? If you go into the hospital for surgery on your right shoulder, how could a mistake happen and the doctor operate on the left shoulder. At the Providence Hospital this happened five times. Unbelievable!

We hear a lot about tort reform these days. Tort reform is the work of big business. They want to take away the right of people to fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries when they are harmed by a corporation. I encourage you to Google medical errors and you will see that medical errors and hospital infections kill thousands every year. When a medical professional continues to harm patients, why should that medical provider be given protection from their mistakes. There is something fundamentally wrong with a hospital when it has five (5) incorrect surgeries.

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