How to Prove Damages After a Car Accident

Every successful tort claim comes down to two essential elements: liability and damages. In order to recover compensation for any losses, injured parties must be able to prove that the defendant was liable for the incident and they incurred damages a result.

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The best way to prove either will depend on the circumstances of the particular case. Regardless of what happened, though, the claimant should play an active role in helping his or her attorney gather evidence of liability and damages. If you were hurt in a motor-vehicle collision and you want to find out how to give your claim the best chance of success, contact Coxwell & Associates.

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Read on to learn about the types of evidence that can help you prove damages after a motor-vehicle collision:

1. Photographs of Visible Wounds

Car accidents often cause bruising, swelling, and lacerations. If you sustained any visible wounds, photograph their progression from day one. Detailed pictures of injuries will contribute to the strength of your claim and may garner a jury’s sympathy if your case goes to trial.

2. Medical Bills

It is essential to save hospital bills, pharmacy receipts, ambulance invoices, and other documents detailing the extent of your treatment. Medical records will also help prove damages, but you need to retain the actual receipts to quantify the cost of care.

3. Income Statements

If your injury forces you to miss work for just a few weeks—let alone several months—the resulting lost income can lead to financial turmoil. Although you can include lost wages in your claim, you will need strong evidence to avoid a dispute. Past income statements and paystubs will help your attorney prove lost wages and reduced earning capacity.

4. Home and Vehicle Modification Quotes

If the injuries limit your mobility, you may need to modify your home and/or vehicle. Quotes for either project—or for a new car entirely—should be part of the settlement negotiations.

5. Journal Entries

You may not be able to capture internal injuries on camera, but you can still track the ways in which they are affecting your everyday life by keeping a journal. If your injuries are placing considerable strain on loved ones, ask them to write in a daily journal, as well. These entries will provide insight into the psychological and emotional impacts that the accident has had on your life and the lives of family members.

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