How To Reduce The Risk Of Car Accidents In Jackson MS

For the second consecutive year, in 2017, there were over 40,000 vehicle deaths in the US and over 4.5 million people seriously injured in car accidents. In the latest figures and over the past few years, it’s been uncovered that Mississippi is one of the most dangerous states to be on the road.

Per 100,000 people Mississippi is recorded to have 26.3 deaths, which is considerably higher than the national average of 13.4%. But why is it so high? This blog will take a look at the main causes of car accidents in Jackson, Mississippi and give tips on how to reduce the risk of being involved in one.

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Top Tips to Reduce the Risk of Being in a Car Accident and Stay Safe:

  • Keep Your Cell Phone Away.

  • Never Drink and Drive. Anywhere.

  • Always Wear a Seatbelt.

  • Stick to the Speed Limit.

  • Make All Required Repairs as Soon as Possible.

Keep Your Cell Phone Away

Being on your phone whilst driving can be unbelievably distracting and ridiculously dangerous. Despite the various law introductions and funded campaigns to aim to reduce the number of people using their cell phones behind the wheel, 46 percent of drivers in Mississippi have admitted to sending text messages whilst driving.

You are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident if you’re on the phone whilst driving. Is it really worth the risk just to send a text message? You should put your phone away before you set off to avoid any temptation and only use hands-free devices when it’s safe to do so.

Surprising data from Life360 shows drivers in Mississippi are more likely to be distracted at the wheel in comparison to any other US state. The national average of how many times a driver will use their cell phone while driving is 1.78, while the data shows Mississippi drivers use their phones 2.56 times per drive.

Jackson is a busy urban area, so there’s always a lot going on all around you on the road. You can’t afford to be distracted by your phone, you should keep your eyes on the road at all times and stay focused and alert.

Never Drink and Drive. Anywhere.

Possibly the biggest no-no when it comes to driving. You should never drink and drive, despite how tempting it can be. We know the situation, you’ve driven somewhere and might’ve had a couple more than you should’ve done. It can be tempting to get behind the wheel for the convenience of not leaving your car, but you definitely shouldn’t. No exceptions.

Alcohol massively affects your reaction time, which could prove to be the difference between crashing or reacting safely to a situation unfolding in front of you. Not only are you endangering your own life by getting behind the wheel when over the limit, but you’re also risking the lives of other drivers and nearby pedestrians too.

Mississippi has the fourth highest rate of alcohol-related traffic deaths, despite having strict Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws in place. If it’s your first offense, you could be facing a fine between $250 to $1000 and a possible 90-day licence suspension.

Always Wear a Seatbelt

Putting your seatbelt on when getting into your car should be a reminder of how dangerous the roads can be. There’s a reason why manufacturers put them in the car, so why would you run the risk of not wearing it? Seat belts save lives.

Statistically, in Mississippi one out of two people who’re killed in car crashes weren’t wearing their seatbelts. It’s literally a matter of life and death, you’d be a fool not to wear one.

Stick to the Speed Limit

Mississippi is a pretty rural state and rural roads tend to be more accident-ridden. This is probably because the speed limits are higher and they’re more unforgiving. The speed limits are there for a reason, they’re designed to keep yourself and other road users as safe as possible when driving, so why break them?

Make All Required Repairs as Soon as Possible

Perhaps you’ve got a flat tire or maybe you’ve bumped wing mirrors and smashed one, you should always get problems fixed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. For example, if your wing mirror on the driver’s side is out of action, how can you check when it’s safe to pull out on the highway or from a stationary start?

Having your car in the best condition as it possibly can be is not only beneficial to you but the safety of other road users too. It provides less distraction and more margin for error should something, unfortunately, go wrong.

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