How to Settle a Car Accident Personal Injury Claim: Our Top Tips

Claims adjusters working for insurance companies are experienced at trying to get their customers (or claimants) to trip up and agree to lower settlements than they deserve. They often record the call, put on the pressure, and try and poke holes in any argument. When a person is under pressure after a car accident and they feel stressed, they may not say the right things, which can cost them as far as settlements go. Here are our top tips on how to settle a car accident personal injury claim.

Policeman during investigation at road accident area how to settle a car accident person injury claim

Record Everything and Reveal Nothing

Gather as much evidence as possible about your case – from names, addresses, and phone numbers of all involved to photos and videos of the accident to personal testimony and evidence. Keep your medical records, record conversations with your doctor, track how you feel once you’ve been injured, and so forth. Everything can be used as evidence, but missing pieces can be used against you when facing claims adjusters.

Make sure when you’re dealing with claims adjusters that you reveal only the bare facts of the case and do not admit fault, say that you’re okay (and not injured), or anything else they may deem as “incriminating.” Claims adjusters have teams of lawyers that back them up and analyze cases so that they do not have to pay out.

You can deal with adjusters yourself; however, when you’re in a state of shock, in pain, and shaken up from an accident, it’s recommended you use a professional to help you with your case, such as a trusted attorney.

Know How Much You Need

When you’re making a personal injury claim, you should know the figure you need and add 20-30% to that figure when asking for a settlement – because the claims adjuster will low-ball you and talk you down, so you need to account for those adjustments. You’ll need to claim for any medical expenses, any personal expenses, loss of income, childcare costs, and personal damages. Do you know how much each of these categories is worth? It’s best that you write down any and all expenses from the moment of your accident to the time you’re making your claim – plus any future projections that will affect you after the fact.

It’s best to consult your attorney to help you get a fair and accurate figure, and to help you with the back and forth with claims adjusters. The process isn’t as simple as you put in a claim, they come back with the figure you want and then you settle. Often you have to write back and forth to the claims adjuster for weeks or months to get anywhere close to the settlement you’re hoping for and the claims adjusters hope to wear you down by then.

Only a trusted attorney can keep a level head and help you get the figure you deserve; otherwise, out of frustration and desperation, you may accept a figure that barely – if at all – covered your basic expenses.

Hire an Attorney

Personal injury claims can be complicated, nuanced, and stressful, and it’s best to hire someone who does it day in and day out. Personal injury lawyers have seen it all and they know how to match the tricks that insurance companies try. Find an attorney who is trusted, has a good reputation, and has a history of winning cases.

How Coxwell & Associates Can Help You with Your Personal Injury Claim

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Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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