Insurance Companies and Health Care

I am going to write about insurance companies and health care. This is a topic in the news daily. First, think for a minute about all the types of insurance available. Auto insurance, health, disability, house, wind, water, umbrella, uninsured or under insured, business interruption policies, renter’s policies, credit life, credit health, credit disability, and the list could go on and on and on. If you have extra time Google any question you have about insurance companies. In the past I was interested in how rich and powerful insurance companies had become. I Googled their wealth, the money they spend lobbying our Federal and State Governments, who owns the companies (most are now owned if I recall correctly by foreign investors), and what financial interests they have in our economy and other businesses. The answers were a little frightening. The big insurance companies are mostly foreign owned, they control enormous amounts of wealth, spend millions influencing governments, and they are invested in most major industries. If you doubt this Google these issues yourself. If you are not interested in these things, I would like you think for a minute about health care. Why do we place our health, which is the single most important thing in our life, in the hands of multi-national corporations and foreign interests so a profit can be made on us? Think about this for a minute. We are allowing a business to profit, and profit richly, on our health. And they do this by controlling our doctors and what we can do for our own health. In my mind there is something intrinsically wrong with allowing a corporation to control and profit based on our health.

I can hear the people screaming now ” Oh my, Coxwell want big government to take over health care.” Big government, big government, big government. Now, I said it. Let’s get over the scare tactics and think about this with some d__n sense. We all need to be healthy to be a strong country. We are one of the richest nations in the world. Everyone should have some form of health care. We have the ability to provide health care for everyone. If you are one of those people who believe you should never be helped by government, then stop reading this article and go back to your self created fantasy world. Also, if you hate government, then don’t use the National Interstate System. Don’t drink the water or use the water for your faucet. Don’t eat the food in the grocery store, because the government does what it can to see that the food is safe. There are so many things that government has done in this country to protect people that I would never trust to the huge corporations to do safely on their own without supervision. Just look at all the unsafe drugs over the past ten years that flooded the market due to the FDA being stripped of its regulatory power and dismantled during the Bush years. Oh, and before we leave this topic don’t forget the National Immunization Programs that were organized by government to help eradicate diseases. Everyone benefited for this form of big government.

I am exhausted with all the anti-government rhetoric that became so popular in the early 1980’s and continues today. Let me ask you this if you are an person who also complains about government. ” Would you trust the multi-national corporations and corporations who control health care industries to protect you and care for your well-being.” Can you seriously and honestly open your mind to the possibility that the corporations who make a profit don’t care about you as an individual and if left without government supervision they would run over you like you were a bug.

There are issues that concern me about government health care but there are issues that concern me more about health care controlled by corporations who want to profit by controlling our health care. My father has Medicare. He is 81 years old and goes to the doctor frequently. I find that the program works good. Does it pay the doctors fairly or adequately? I really do not know. I am not an expert on health care. My sister is married to a doctor and she tells me some of the reimbursements are very little. When she explains them to me what she says makes sense. So, in my mind the answer seems to be pay the doctors better for the work they do and cut out the waste. I read an article this weekend about health care. It seems that the big costs go toward overhead, expenses, and profit of the insurance companies. It just seems like a no-brainer. Create a system that pays doctors for their long hours and hard work, but takes the control out of the hands of insurance companies. When I hear the insurance industry complaining about how little they make off health care, it makes me wonder if it is that bad why do they stay in the business?

I have staked out my position. I have some reservations about how the government health care will work. But I have no doubt about this issue: I do not want my access to health care controlled by the insurance industry and some person in a corporation sitting in an air conditioned room thinking of ways to save the company money by keeping me or my family from getting the care they need. The government needs a program trimmed of fraud and waste. It needs a program that is affordable and competes with the insurance companies. I have spent some time reading about the health care in other countries and what I have noticed is that people who have government sponsored health care are not clamoring or begging to have insurance companies control their health care. And with that I rest my case.

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