Internet and Lawyers

Lawyers advertise on the Internet the same as hospitals, doctors, and just about every other business. Lawyer advertising has gone global, just like most other products and services. There are Internet savvy individuals who establish Internet sites and work all day to push those sites to the top of the Google pyramid. They then sell lawyers a place on the site. If you punch in almost any legal topic you will find dozens of generic sites that promise to refer you to a lawyer. There are of course the individual lawyer sites that will also show up. These generic sites are to me the most troubling. I often ask myself why would a person go through a generic site to obtain a lawyer. The attorney client relationship is very personal. These sites add little to good, effective lawyer messaging.

It is a mistake for a lawyer not to advertise on the Internet. So many people get their information from the Internet these days. At Coxwell & Associates we decided about two (2) years ago that we would spend our advertising dollars on our own law firm website. The companies that set up these generic websites do not help the legal advertising market. In my opinion they hurt the market. On our website we provide background information on our attorneys and enough other information that the potential client and get a good feel and understanding for the kind of person and lawyer we are. We are a Mississippi Law Firm with an office in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi. We travel all across Mississippi and several of our lawyers are licensed in other states. We can practice law in any state but generally we limit most of our work to Mississippi.

If you are a Mississippi resident, why would you go to a lawyer outside the state for advice? In most instances, I cannot think of a single reason for starting outside the state. There are times that we work with out of state lawyers. Some of my best lawyer friends live out of state. We became friends when we worked together in national litigation. But we sought out those lawyers after we had clients and we investigated the best way to help our clients. If you have a Mississippi legal problem, you need advice from a Mississippi lawyer. This is true whether the problem is a serious injury or a criminal problems. How can an out of state lawyer, or some person running a website, give you good, solid advice on a Mississippi problem? It just isn’t possible. One of the services we provide for out clients is to help them locate a lawyer if they have a legal problem that is not handled by any of the lawyers in our office. We live in Mississippi. Our families are in Mississippi. We care about out State and we care about out clients. If you have a legal problem call a Mississippi Law firm that has over 80 years of combined legal experience. Call Coxwell & Associates, Pllc.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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