I want to talk in this blog post about lawyer advertising and the Internet. My father was a successful attorney who spent his entire career helping people who were injured, got in trouble with the law, and he handled many other types of legal issues. My dad handled a much wider range of legal problems than we handle at Coxwell & Associates. At Coxwell & Associates, four of our lawyers work on serious injury cases. By this I mean cases like 18 wheeler accidents, defective products, auto accidents, nursing home injuries, injuries caused by drunken drivers or injuries while on businesses. There are many other types of injury cases that we handle. The single most important factor is the seriousness of the injury. There are already many lawyers who want to get a case and settle it quickly. The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates want to get to know the clients and his family. We enjoy and treasure a long-term commitment and relationship with our clients. Therefore we decided years ago we would concentrate on serious injury cases because we get the most satisfaction from helping people when they are most in need. We also handle criminal cases and criminal appeals in all courts, State and Federal. In the past we have been very successful in financial fraud cases. Those cases have been made very difficult over the past 8 years by the policies of past President Bush.

My brother Frank Coxwell is the attorney in our office who handles bankruptcy cases, predatory lending, consumer issues, and matters like fair debt collections. At this moment Frank is returning from Chicago, Illinois where he was one of the guest speakers at a National Bankruptcy Conference. Frank will also handle some limited domestic relations matters. These areas are most of our major areas of the law that we practice. We will from time to time look at cases in other areas, but generally we make referrals to other lawyers when a person calls for help in an area totally outside our practice. For example, we do not handle employment law or real estate closing. If a person calls us and needs those serves we will help locate an attorney who can fill the person’s needs. There are times when we go outside our area of practice and work with another lawyer who specializes in some area that we have not or do not handle. For example, years ago we got involved in a toxic tort case. This is not the type of case we generally handle because there have not been that many toxic tort cases in Mississippi compared to the bigger industrial states. We associated with a toxic tort lawyer who knew the best way to start and move the case through the legal system. We handled the client issues, took depositions, interviewed witnesses, visited the scene and made many other decisions in the case but we let our attorney friend take the lead on the environmental issues because he had been through many of these cases.

This brings me to the subject of my blog. Television, radio, and Internet advertising has changed the law profession. In the past it was enough to be a good lawyer and clients would find you through word of mouth. This still happens. At Coxwell & Associates some of our best serious injury cases, criminal defense, and financial fraud cases come from referrals through other lawyers who have worked with us before or heard of our reputation. Other cases come from word of mouth from satisfied clients. Now days though television and the Internet have allowed out of state lawyers to reach into Mississippi and other states in search of clients. Many times these Internet lawyers are nothing more than marketing lawyers. By that I mean they collect cases from all over the U.S. and look for some other lawyers to send clients to. These Internet and out of state lawyers have absolutely no contact with Mississippi. They don’t know our State, our legal system, or anything about the clients that are pulled in by these ads. Every time I turn on the television I hear one of these out of state lawyers advertising in Mississippi and I suspect the closest they have come to out state is when they may have flown over it in a plane. the Internet is even more pervasive. It only takes a few dollars to set up an Internet ad and attract clients. How can you know about an attorney from an ad on the television or Internet if he is not from your community and/or state. At Coxwell & Associates we place as much relevant information on our website as possible so prospective clients can see what we have done over our careers and in our communities. I always wonder why a Mississippi resident who is seriously injured would respond to a television ad or Internet ad to an out of state law firm. Don’t get me wrong, we work with competent out of state lawyers all the time. I have made friends with dozens of them over the past 15 years as Coxwell & Associates moved into helping large numbers of people who were injured by defective products or drugs produced and marketed by big national companies. But, the difference is I know these lawyers and the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates maintain contact with the Mississippi client and we work on the case with the out of state firm. When you respond to a television ad or Internet ad from an out of state law firm, do you really know who you are hiring? Can you go down to their law office when you want to meet face to face, have a cup of coffee and talk about your problem? I doubt you will be able to do these things.

If you, a loved one, or friend have suffered harms or damages in an injury, by a defective product or drug, or through the conduct of another call a Mississippi law firm. A Mississippi law firm like Coxwell & Associates that handles serious injury cases. We are also leaders in criminal defense and financial fraud cases. Before you hired an faceless, out of state law firm, call Coxwell & Associates a Jackson, Hinds County, MS law firm that travels across the entire state.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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