Let’s Stop the War on Ourselves

Drug crimes carry some very serious punishment. In Mississippi a drug sale can get a person thirty (30) years in prison even if the amount is only 1-2 grams. And even if you are not a drug seller, if you share some drugs with a friend you could be subject to thirty (30) years in prison. These harsh and ridiculous laws were passes in the 1980’s when someone decided we would make “war” on our own citizens. I am not suggesting that we should legalize drugs. That is not the purpose of this Blog. I am suggesting that we need to reexamine the drug laws and consider de-criminalizing the possession of small amounts of drugs and we need drug courts in every County. There are some counties that don’t want to use drug courts because the Judges think they are too much trouble. To that all I can say is the court system belongs to the people. It is paid for by the tax dollars coming from the people and the Judge’s exist to help people. If they don’t believe that is there job, then they need to be defeated and given some other job.

A bill has been introduced into Congress to reduce the horrible sentences handed out in Federal Court. For over twenty years the Federal Court system has been imposing harsh, mandatory minimum sentences on first offenders. Five (5) grams of crack will lead to a five (5) year sentence. Ten (10) grams would result in a ten (10) year mandatory sentence. From the 1980’s onward the sentences all over the country got harsher and harsher, without anyone considering drug treatment and other alternatives for offenders. In America we incarcerate more of our citizens than any other Western Country. This needs to stop.

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