Life Long Injuries-A Personal Experience


The term catastrophic injuries often refers to those injuries that happen suddenly and without warning as the result of an automobile accident, big rig accident, home, or work-place explosion or burn. Catastrophic or life long injuries are not easily healed or repaired and last the life-time of the person who is injured. Some examples of life-long or catastrophic injuries are brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, permanent partial or total loss of the ability to work, and severe third degree burns. These types of injuries have long term consequences. I am personally familiar with the myriad problem associated with catastrophic injuries. In 1080 my dad was seriously injured in an automobile accident. He died on the operating table several times and had to be revived. He was flow by the Life Star helicopter to a major trauma center where he was treated by multiple doctors. As a result of this accident, he stayed in a coma for seven (7) weeks. When he came out he had permanent brain damage. Practically every bone in his body had been broken or fractured. He had to re-learn to walk, talk, hold a spoon and fork, and to learn every task that we take for granted. To this day he has not fully recovered. When it comes to helping clients with life long injuries I have a special interest in helping them get the compensation they need for their recovery.

None of us can tell when an accident might happen. Some things are beyond our control. Life cannot slow down based on the fear of an accident. We can however take steps to help avoid serious injuries. When you ride in a car, wear a seat belt. The number one (1) killer of young males was at one time the result of being being thrown from a car during an accident. Never ride a 3-wheeler, motorcycle or let children ride on either without a helmet. It might be more fun without a helmet, but the dangerous is greater also. Remember this: The fun is temporary, the injury is a lifetime. ALWAYS WEAR HELMETS. Parents should be especially careful when they have children in contact sports. Football injuries account for many serious brain and spinal injuries each year.

Below is a partial listing of some serious catastrophic injuries:

-birth injuries resulting from medical negligence -nerve damage or scarring resulting from third degree burns or electrocution -spinal cord injuries that cause paraplegia, quadriplegia, nerve loss or chronic pain -eye injuries that cause blindness -head injuries that cause disability, coma or a vegetative state -injuries that result in an amputation of a limb wrongful death

Catastrophic injuries are so devastating to a person because of the fact that they last a life-time. These injuries can involve damage to multiple body systems and can destroy or serious limit the enjoyment of life. A person who sustains a catastrophic injury often needs life long care from professionals such as physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapist, nurses, and home health care workers. Life long injuries can place a tremendous strain on the marriage and on the family budget. Listed below are common places and ways that cause catastrophic injuries:

-construction accidents on the highway -hit & run accidents -accidents caused by drunk drivers -boating accidents & off-shore accidents on oil rigs or boats -semi-truck or commercial truck collision -pedestrian accidents d-dangerous or defective consumer products
Do I Have a Catastrophic Injury lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC can help. Their law firm has tremendous experience in the field of complex personal injury accidents and the lawyers offer a free confidential case evaluation. We understand the problems people can experience in this area, because we have first hand experience.

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