Make Insurance Companies Comply with The Law

Insurance companies deny claims as a way to make money. How many people have had a claim with an insurance company and knew they were not being treated fairly? I had one about two years ago when a man hit me from the side. It was definitely his fault. When I contacted the insurance company they denied the claim. They said it was not his fault and told me “good-bye.” I immediately filed a lawsuit and within a week or two I had the cases settled and my car fixed. There was absolutely no reason for the insurance company to pay in the beginning, other than they hoped I would go away. The example I gave is one of the minor examples. The people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have had thousands of negative experiences with the insurance industry.

A bill has been introduced into Congress that would end the anti-trust exemption for insurance companies. Since 1945 the Insurance Industry has been exempt from anti-trust laws. This has given the insurance industry an unfair advantage and discouraged permitted fair competition. It is time we end the advantage given to the insurance industry. The insurance industry is strangling us by the neck with their health care premiums. I hope this bill makes it to the President’s desk. If it is signed into law we may see some positive changes in our insurance premiums.

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