Man Convicted in Shooting OF USM Football Players


Travis Cardell Brown was convicted of shooting three (3) Southern Mississippi football players, including our client Martez Smith. Judge Bob Helfrich sentenced Brown to three (3) twenty (20) year terms in prison which he must serve consecutively.That is a partial victory for Martez but the journey is far from over.

We have a civil lawsuit pending against the owner of the club where this shooting occurred. The club, called the Remington Hunt Club, had been a source of criminal activity prior to Martez and his friends being shot. The club owner failed to take the necessary steps to keep his customers safe. As a result, Martez and his friends were shot. Martez was paralyzed from the waist down and may never walk again. But Martez won’t let his life be defined like this.

Martez is an amazing young man. Even though he is confined to a wheel chair, he graduated from USM and is now considering a masters degree. His goal is to be a coach. Martez’ muscles still bulge due to daily workouts. He is an inspiration to anyone who is making excuses to get out of working out. You see, doctors have told him he won’t walk again but Martez has different ideas. He still wants to play in the NFL.

We hope to try Martez’ case sometime next year. I will keep you updated on this remarkable young man.

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