Medicaid or Medicare Crimes Charged

Approximately seven (7) people have been charged with Medicare Fraud by the United States Government in an Indictment filed in United States District Court in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The Indictment filed by the U.S. Government is only one side of the legal story. The men charged have were not given the opportunity to present any evidence to the Federal Grand Jury. According to the Indictment the individuals were operating clinics that provided physical medical services to Medicare patients. There is no indication from the article or Indictment how much money the men are accused of improperly billing or charging Medicare.

Our Coxwell & Associates Blog has posted an article before on white collar crime. The crime charged in this Indictment is exactly what we were describing when we wrote about white collar offenses. The Obama Administration has made medical fraud against the United States Government a high priority of the Administration. According to a recent report, Mississippi leads the nation in Hospice fraud. We may see significant federal resources devoted to medical fraud cases in the future. At Coxwell & Associates we have represent doctors and other medical providers in these types of cases. The billing codes in the medical industry can be extremely confusing and complex. It is easy to understand how mistakes could be made. In many instances the billing definitions can also be vague.

We have also had a post on this Blog before on whistle Blower Lawsuits. A Whistle Blower lawsuit is when someone with insider information of wrong-doing or fraud against the government files a special lawsuit to recover the money for the government. The Federal Government is given the right to join in the case and if it is successful and money recovered, the person who brought the lawsuit can be award a percentage of the money recovered. The national average of the money awarded is about 16%. This could have been a whistle blower lawsuit if the men have in fact been doing anything improper or illegal.

In the case the men charged are presumed innocent and we need to afford them that right. Billing is complicated in the medical field. Mistakes can be made easily. The case will go through the system like every other case. At Coxwell & Associates we represent individuals and companies charged with white collar offenses. Every person is entitled to a lawyer who zealously defends them, the same as every one should be entitled to excellent medical care. It make no difference what the charge is or who the person is that gets charged, at Coxwell & Associates if we take the case we will do nothing less than our best.

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